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The Exterior of the Andon-Reid with Sign


The Kritter Kitchin’ at the Andon-Reid Inn

As you will probably know we attempt to keep the Andon-Reid Inn allergy free and hence we have a no-pets policy.   Outside the four walls of the Inn, however, we are very critter friendly.  For example, Bibb the cat is enjoying her 19th year of dining pleasure at the Andon-Reid kitchen door despite nominally belonging to the Smathers-Gaultier house (the big white Queen Anne Victorian) next door.

In the same vein, Bibb has an older brother “Shadow” who lives in the house across the street.  Shadow is a handsome lean and somewhat motheaten old grey tomcat with incredibly long legs.  In his glory days Shadow was the scourge of chipmunks, squirrels and other small creatures.  On more than one occasion I witnessed Andrea chasing Shadow across the Andon-Reid Inn lawn, trying to get him to release his hapless prey.  Shadow’s hunting days are largely behind him now and he has been coming to join Bibb for breakfast and get an afternoon snack.  Fortunately, both cats seem to get along quite well though Bibb rules the roost.

In the meantime, word of easy pickings Backpack the Chihuahua in a red hoodie standing in the the Andon-Reid Inn must have gotten around the neighborhood animals as we have acquired a third regular diner, a Chihuahua named “Backpack” who belongs to the house on the corner of Daisey Avenue.  Backpack is a very comical character with short legs, a tongue he regularly forgets to retract into his mouth and a huge Napoleon complex.  He can usually be found yapping his way up the Andon-Reid Inn driveway in the mid-morning to perform the useful task of cleaning out whatever is left in Bibb’s bowl.  Some mornings we have all three critters dining together and have named this cohort the “Breakfast Club”

Having cleaned all available bowls, Backpack will generally start yapping again until we feed him double his body weight in scrambled eggs, sausage or similar leftover from breakfast.  This almost never seems to be enough so Backpack will then continue to yap requests until I have had enough of him, decide to rescind our hospitality, and (gently) shoo him back down the driveway toward his house.  Throughout this proThe "Breakfast Club" (Bibb, Shadow and Backpack) eating from their bowls at the Andon-Reid Inn kitchen door.cess, Backpack will trot a short way in front of me, turn to yap his defiance, and then get moving again until he finally yaps his way home.  You really can’t help but laugh – he is small but he is convinced he is mighty!

I am sure Bibb, Shadow and Backpack would love to meet you too (on the off chance that you might have some food).  If you would like to make their acquaintance then call us on (828) 452 3089 or visit our website to book your room.  Please note, Bibb and Shadow are both stone deaf and Backpack is rather short on common sense.  We do ask, therefore, that you look out for them as you approach the Inn as they may not automatically get out of the way of your vehicle.  Otherwise, the Breakfast Club awaits you.


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