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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Andon-Reid Inn

Is it walkable to Main Street?

The Inn is less than a mile (~15 min walk) from the Downtown Waynesville Main Street area but we live in the mountains, so the walk is quite hilly.  There is a relatively steep hill leading up to Main Street so while it’s not far, there are some hills to navigate on the way there.  The good news is that there’s more downhill on the way back!


Do you allow pets?

While we love pets personally, we do not allow pets at the Inn.


Do you allow children?

Children 16 years of age and older are allowed at the Inn.  For whole house bookings where the entire Inn is booked by one group, we do allow children under the age of 16.


What time is breakfast?

We have one seating at 8:30 AM and serve a two-course gourmet breakfast.  With advance notice, we can accommodate different times to help you plan your daily excursions or travel.  Please let the Innkeepers know if you need a different time for breakfast.


Is breakfast included in the price?

Yes!  Our two-course gourmet breakfast is included plus a fully stocked guest lounge complete with plenty of coffee and tea options, soft drinks, snacks, fruit and daily fresh baked goodies!  All complimentary!


Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?

Absolutely!  We have tasty dishes and recipes for all dietary needs.  We ask for guests’ dietary restrictions upon booking and again upon check-in.  Please let us know your specific needs prior to your trip so we can ensure all guests have a great experience at the Inn.


Is there air conditioning?

Yes!  Each room has it’s own A/C unit which we will show you how to use upon arrival and check-in.  The guest lounge area is not air-conditioned but it has beautiful cross breezes from the panoramic windows and multiple ceiling fans.


What’s the parking situation?

We have a dedicated paved parking lot behind the Inn with seven dedicated spots (one for each room).  The parking lot is spacious and is less than 20 yards from the entrance to the Inn.  Our driveway is narrow as it bends around the house between the Inn and the Carriage House, but large trucks can fit through.


Do any rooms have two beds?

We do not have any rooms with two beds.  All of our rooms have one bed.  Five rooms have King-sized beds, and two rooms have Queen-sized beds.  Please see our Rooms page for more detailed information.  With advanced notice, our Magnolia Suite can accommodate three guests as there is a pull-out sofa bed that we can prepare.  The fee for the additional guest above two in Magnolia is $50 per person/per night.


How many bathrooms are there?

Each room has its own bathroom here at the Inn.  We do have a half-bath right off of our guest lounge that all guests can use for convenience.


Can I bring my own wine/beer/alcohol?

Of course!  Our Inn and grounds have so many beautiful places to relax with a glass of your favorite adult beverage.  We have wine glasses and wine openers available in the rooms and in the guest lounge for your convenience.


Do you serve alcohol or can I buy alcohol from you?

Unfortunately, we do not have an ABC license and are not permitted to sell alcohol to guests at this time.  We do have many good stores in the area for procuring your favorite beverages.  Please check out our blog post on this topic for more information on places to go and shop!


Can you recommend some good restaurants in the area?

Waynesville has so many good restaurants to please a variety of different palettes.  We have written a blog post with some of our recommendations that we encourage you to check out.  We also have both digital and physical guestbooks available on arrival with our recommendations.  Also, call, text or emails us anytime for any questions on restaurants!


Can you get me restaurant reservations during my stay?

Yes!  Please email, text or call us if you need us to help with dinner reservations during your stay!


What restaurants are open on Sundays and Mondays?

Our local restaurant owners and staffs are amazing and a lot of restaurants take the slower days of the week off (Sunday-Wednesday).  However, there are still plenty of excellent options open during these times in Waynesville.  Click here for our breakdown which restaurants are open and closed during the slower days of the week.  We hope this document helps with planning your time here in Waynesville but always please double check hours before heading out to restaurants or making planns as hours may have changed since we published or edited this document.


Do you do 1-night stays?

We normally have a 2-night minimum stay, but we do open up 1-night stays in some of our rooms approximately about a month out from stay dates. Please check back closer to the date of your stay to see if we have any 1-night stays available.


For other questions, please don’t hesitate to call or text us at 828-452-3089 or email us at

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