What’s the Weather Like in Waynesville?

Winter snow on the mountains in WaynesvilleWhat’s the Weather Like in Waynesville?

Waynesville’s location in the center of Haywood County makes it a great jumping off point for outdoor exploration and

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Winter in Waynesville: Preparing for the Year Ahead


The Winter season at the Andon-Reid is a truly unique time to experience the Inn and Waynesville.  While the weather is colder and the town a bit less busy, the Inn is a great spot to relax and get cozy by the fire with a hot beverage.  This winter, we were also lucky enough to have had a small snowstorm that dropped a few inches of snow in early January and views from the Inn were just spectacular.  We’ve included some pictures below and above and we shared some additional pictures on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

For us innkeepers, the Winter also gives us some much needed time for the team to rest and recharge as well as prepare the Inn for the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons in the upcoming year.  We’ve been busy here at the Inn with maintenance projects, deep cleaning and longer-term planning to make sure the guest experience is top-notch in 2023.  Shelly and Bob deserve special recognition for their hard work on some key cleaning and maintenance projects.  Shelly has been able to do some serious deep cleaning of all the rooms and guest spaces and Bob’s been hard at work fixing nagging issues and guiding maintenance vendors. After a busy fall season, we are happy to report that we’ve been able to upgrade and fix all of our guest room fireplaces and we have been able to some much needed maintenance work on the Garden Suite and Carriage House bathrooms as well as our water heaters!  Shout out to Western Carolina Plumbing! We’ve also got new and upgraded bed frames and headboards in Mountain View and Carriage House.

We’ve also had time to work on some new breakfast and snack recipes and we are looking forward to introducing those to guests.  We’ve already rolled out our new Banana Nut Butterscotch Waffles to our guests and they seem to be a hit!

new gift shop items

Additionally, we’ve been reaching out locally and we’ve worked on a couple new partnerships for the year.  We’ve got some new merchandise in our gift shop corner from Sprouted Scribbles, a local artist who makes really cool graphics for magnets, stickers and other items.  We’ll also be adding Andon-Reid-branded coasters to the gift store as well which some guests have asked for!  On the food front, we are excited to begin working with Hickory Nut Gap Farm (east of Asheville) for our breakfast sausage.  We began serving their sausage in early January and it is just so tasty!  A definite winner!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which is an exciting time to hosts guests at the Inn.  For a quiet, relaxing, romantic getaway, we can’t think of a better place to be than the Andon-Reid.  The team here at the Inn is really gearing up for 2023 and we can’t wait to meet all our new guests and welcome back our returning guests!

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