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500 Excellents

Andrea and I are thrilled to announce that the Andon-Reid Inn has reached a major milestone.  We just received our 500th “Excellent” review on TripAdvisor.  Coming on top of last year’s election to the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame and Traveller’s Choice award, we are glad that we have been able to carry on the Andon-Reid Inn’s tradition of excellent service and have maintained the high standards set by former owners.  Andrea and I are especially proud that more than 80 of these “Excellent” reviews have been posted since we took over the Inn last July.

500 excellents

We would like to express our gratitude to all the reviewers for their kind and generous comments and support.  500 “Excellent” reviews represent a near perfect score out of a total of 508.  To all our past, current and future guests we want you to rest assured that this achievement does not mean the Andon-Reid Inn will be resting on its laurels.  Instead we will strive for continued excellence and look forward to the day when the Andon-Reid Inn celebrates its 1,000th “Excellent” review.

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