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Historic Waynesville Inn Near Asheville

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The Andon-Reid Inn is a turn of the century home built in 1902 with a colorful history.

It was designed and built by John White, a prominent citizen of Waynesville and the local “lumber mill king”.  In fact most of the mansions built in this area have materials that came from the John White Lumber Mill – located where the Elks Lodge now stands in Frog Level.  Mr. White only lived in his lovely home for about 6 years before taking ill and passing away in his sleep.

The second owner was a notorious but enterprising Waynesville resident by the name of Alice Jackson.  Alice had made her fortune as a “lady of the evening” but when she purchased the Andon-Reid house she retired from entertaining male clients and became a madam.  For a while the Andon-Reid actually became a high class house of ill repute!  Ms. Jackson’s entrepreneurship did not end there. She decided to expand her business by adding the sale of moonshine from the home. The house was constructed in a way in which she implemented a “drive-thru” system. Those interested in purchasing the moonshine would walk or drive up to the back of the house and place their order. They would then go to the next window and pay for their order. Finally, would go to the third window and pick it up. Now many would credit McDonalds with the “drive-thru” system, but in fact Alice Jackson may have been the originator.

Ms. Jackson successfully ran the “business” for many years but did eventually retire and sold the property to a lifelong resident of Waynesville by the name of John Coates.  Mr. Coates and his wife raised five children in this home. Mrs. Coates passed away several years ago and as the last of the Coates children left Waynesville, the property became too much for John to handle.  It was abandoned and left to deteriorate for 8 years until thankfully, Ann and Don Rothermel came to its rescue and began the restoration.

Having had previous exposure to remodeling and restoration, Don’s experience with construction along with Ann’s decorating talent seemed to be the ideal combination required to save this fine old home. They set out on their course of resurrecting the house in April 1996.  They determined that they would do the physical work themselves so as to retain all the original attributes of the property. Their concept was to restore those things that contributed to the original ambiance while upgrading the mechanical systems to extend the safety, convenience and life of the structure. This careful blending of old and new enables you to take a trip back in time while enjoying the conveniences of the present. The major portion of the renovation was completed in May of 1998.  It opened its doors as the “Andon House” the following month and has been operating as a bed and breakfast ever since.

In June of 2006 the Rothermels sold the Andon House to Ron and Rachel Reid who purchased this lovely Inn after a four-year search.   The Reids added their own personal touches, as well as their name to the Inn which became the Andon-Reid Inn.  They remained the owners until 2012 when Mark & Kari Barbar decided to purchase the Andon-Reid Inn as a great place to settle after spending 15 years in the Raleigh area, and three in China.

Kari and Mark upheld the Andon Reid Inn’s strong tradition of hospitality and friendship.  They also followed in the footsteps of the Rothemels and Reids by extensively upgrading the property,  renovating the Garden Room, Dining Room, Mountain View Room, extending the grounds, and adding a luxurious new Carriage House Suite.  Although they had made the Inn a great success, the Barbars realized after a few years that they also had other plans.  As luck would have it, husband and wife team Andrea Tashik  and George Jolesz – who were friends and colleagues of Mark and Kari’s from China – were in the market for a B&B of their own.  While scouring the country for a suitable property George and Andrea stopped to visit Mark and Kari in April 2015.  This visit prompted a rapid chain of events that culminated in Andrea and George taking ownership of the Andon-Reid Inn on July 1, 2015.

As new owners, Andrea and George are very conscious and proud of their responsibility to maintain the Andon- Reid Inn’s heritage of a warm welcome and a happy stay.  They also intend to continue to enhance the guest experience and the quality of the property.  Andrea and George look forward to a long and happy future as innkeepers at the Inn and hope to welcome you here soon.